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Prof. Xiaogang WU

Chair Professor, Division of Social Science
Professor, Division of Public Policy

Tel:(852) 2358 7827


Office:Room 3374


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles



  • Social Inequality, Stratification and Mobility
  • Social Demography, Gender and Family
  • Urban Sociology
  • Survey and Quantitative Methods
  • Big Data and Social Science Research



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  • 2010. “Economic Transition, School Expansion and Educational Inequality in China, 1990-2000.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 28:91-108
  • 2010 "Voluntary and Involuntary Job Mobility and Earnings Inequality in Urban China, 1993-2000" Social Science Research 39: 382-395
  • 2007, “Inequality and Equality under Chinese Socialism: The Hukou System and Intergenerational Occupational Mobility" [with Donald J. Treiman], American Journal of Sociology 113(2):415-45.
  • 2006, “Communist Cadres and Market Opportunities: Entry to Self-Employment in China, 1978-1996”, Social Forces 85 (1): 389-411.
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  • 2002, "Work Units and Income Inequality: The Effect of Market Transition in Urban China", Social Forces 80(3): 1069 -99.