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Research Projects


Pearl River Delta (PRD) Air Quality Game

Air pollution is China's most acute environmental hazard and the difficulty of governing transboundary air pollution among China's provinces and cities is the primary reason why it has not been brought under control. The IPP is developing a computer game focused on the Pearl River Delta to help resolve the difficulties of regional transboundary air pollution. The game will enable players to see a computer simulated air pollution outcome resulting from their reaction to policies in one game play, then in the next game they can amend their behaviour to reduce air pollution. Game players will take the role of different stakeholders (policy makers, electricity generators, manufacturers, ship owners, commercial and private road vehicles operators) in each of the PRD's 11 different cities. Each city will get to make its own policies and adapt national and provincial policies as it sees fit and stakeholders within the city will respond to those policies according to their economic and social needs and values. The game will show to players if air pollution control can be driven by increasing transparency of efforts among stakeholders. If players are able to see the outcomes from own actions and that of others—whether people are cooperating or freeriding—we will know if the policies being used are effective or not. This game is being developed so students can learn how policies can be developed and applied and for policymakers to test their regulatory approaches.

Gaming the Evolution of Cooperation on Regional Air Pollution Reduction