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Experts’ conservative judgment and containment of COVID-19

Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. As of today, the confirmed cases exceed 380000, involving 196 territories around the world. Facing the most severe public health emergency since the 21st century, countries should join hands to cope with it. Policy researchers also have weighed in on overcoming this global challenge. A research paper analyzing the experts’ conservative judgment has just been published on the Journal of Chinese Governance through joint efforts between the IPP and scholars from the Division of Public Policy, Renmin University and Tsinghua University. The three-factor decision model that integrates habitual thinking, political concerns and rational choice is corroborated with evidences from the containment of COVID-19 in early outbreak in China. The paper aims to provide policy advice to governments in response to outbreaks of public health crises in the future.


Keywords: COVID-19experts’ conservative decision-makinghabitual thinkingpolitical concernsrational choice


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