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Professor Xun WU
Director, Institute for Public Policy
Director's Message
Welcome to the Institute for Public Policy (IPP).

Global challenges such as climate change, economic and financial uncertainties, ageing, social inequalities, and terrorism call for innovative policy solutions. To be effective, such solutions need to be grounded in rigorous interdisciplinary policy research as well as more extensive applications of evidence-based approaches to policy-making. With substantial strengths in science, engineering, business and management, and social science, HKUST is well positioned to foster closer collaboration across disciplines and develop public policy as one of its emerging strategic areas. The mission of the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) is to contribute to better decision-making in the public sector through rigorous interdisciplinary policy research and education.

To fulfil this mission, we will develop research clusters in four areas, namely science, technology and innovation; environmental policy and sustainability; social changes and public policy; and China’s development policy. Our research will focus on enhancing the policy impact of scientific developments and technological innovations in these areas, taking into consideration social, economic and political contexts as well as the characteristics of policy systems.

We are also driven by a commitment to address key policy challenges confronting Hong Kong, the mainland, and the region. While the government plays a key role in policy formulation and implementation, policy development also requires the active participation of other key stakeholders such as the corporate sector, NGOs, the media and the public. In this context, IPP can enrich policy discourse among stakeholders by providing comprehensive policy analysis and evaluation.

Our third goal is to provide quality public policy training to current and future leaders. Our master’s and doctoral programs provide students with analytical tools and substantive knowledge on different policy domains, enabling them to conduct rigorous policy research. For leaders in the government, corporate sector, and NGOs, our short-term executive courses provide training on skills designed to enhance the effectiveness of their decisions and actions, such as policy acumen, analytical frameworks, and strategic thinking.

I warmly welcome you to explore what IPP has to offer.
Vision & Mission
Contributes to decision-making in public sector with rigorous and interdisciplinary policy research and education
Strategic Goals
Producing rigorous policy research by fostering collaboration among scholars across disciplines such as science, business, engineering, and social science.
Contributing to policy dialogues on key challenges confronting Hong Kong, the mainland, and the region.
Providing public policy training to current and future generations of leaders.
HKUST IPP is led by a Director and an Executive Committee. HKUST faculty members with research interests related to public policy are invited to become Affiliated Faculty of the Institute. The Institute has a small team of administrative and research staff to provide leadership and support for public policy related research projects, academic events, publications, and outreach activities.
Institute for Public Policy (IPP)
Room 4611, Academic Building, Clear Water Bay,
Kowloon, Hong Kong